What’s Old is New Again with Charred Wood Siding.

It took centuries and the fine skills of craftsmen to perfect the art of charring. The art of charring wood take’s time and knowledge and the skill set was often handed down from one generation to the next. Charring first took place in Japan back in the early 1700’s. The wood specie’s of choice was Japanese Red Cedar that was used due to the species natural wood preservatives which provided extended longevity against rot and decay. Charring was a further process of preserving the wood and increasing it’s fire resistance. Once the charring process had been complete it provided the wood a black monolithic appearance. This beautiful appearance after charring was so appealing a new market was born and the art of charring was named “Shou Sugi Ban” defined as “the art of preserving and finishing wood by fire”.

Fast forward to the present day and the craft of charring has been refined and its stunning appearance has been taken to a whole new level. Today machines have helped automate the burning and finishing process and multi-finish options are now available to please the most discerning palate. Architects and designers are now specifying charred wood siding in numerous residential and commercial builds. It offers a way for the professional specifier and property owner to make a statement on their commitment to sustainability of our natural resources while enhancing the appearance of their building that simply can’t be replicated.

A select few have perfected the charring process here in North America. One such company is located in Quebec, Canada called Cayaki. The company continually works towards achieving the highest level of perfection in its pursuit of crafting the finest piece’s of charred wood siding. They treat their work as if every piece of wood was destined for their own homes. It’s one thing to char the wood correctly but another to make it’s final appearance stand out with it’s own distinct appearance. The available colors and textures allow for multiple final appearance options. Red, Yellows, Blues, Blacks, Grey’s are common place in their array of color options allowing for various forms of demanding design options for both interior and exteriors.

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Cayaki Yellowknife Color

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