Alternative Sources During Shortages and Rising Costs of Building Materials.

The lumber industry is in full spring swing, but with the prices of lumber rising two fold, the construction season may hit a major snag. Current shortages in supply are having a drastic effect with the building trade in terms of fulfilling prior obligations and promised budgets being met.

The trades are exploring alternative solutions for raw material and with steady supply. Thermally modified wood is increasingly garnishing more interest of late. Having a slightly higher entry cost (approx 30% over traditional WRC) it offers many substantial benefits over traditional wood such as pressure treat and cedar when it comes to building a backyard deck or siding a house.

Lets admit, we all love wood and it’s natural features it provides. Thermal modification keeps the natural beauty in tact but alters the woods internal structure providing a solution for added longevity over tradition non-thermally treated wood. The wood is put through a thermal treatment process which is controlled by utilizing heat, steam and precise atmospheric pressure. The end result creates added longevity due in large part of the woods inability to take on moisture to any great degree. Less retained moisture=longer lasting wood. Why?

Wood is acceptable to rot over time. The disintegration and ultimate dissolution of wood substance, known as rotting, is the result of the growth of fungi in the wood tissue. The thermal treatment process eliminates the woods ability to turn the fungi into rot over time. Fungi (microscopic organisms) appears on wood that is continuously damp. If left unchecked it turns to mold which eventually turns into decay and then rot. You may see fungi appear on high moisture surfaces of thermally treated wood but it can be rectified by cleaning the surface (its not penetrable) like other non-thermally treated woods.

In conclusion, sourcing thermally treated wood has become easier as demand has grown as more thermal treating producers have come on board in North America. The trades and homeowners are now able to consider this building material as a possible replacement of traditionally used pressure treated and cedar wood options while worrying less about its availability.

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Thermally Modified Ash Decking
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