Charred Wood Siding made from Eastern White Cedar.

We recently displayed our product at the Construct Canada Show in Toronto and we had a visit from a company called Cayaki located in Quebec, Canada that has been charring Eastern White Cedar. It’s not thermally modified wood but approaches similar benefits once the woods surface has been charred.

Charred wood can last for many years with little maintenance. It is a sustainable, smart and energy efficient siding product that can be utilized on the exterior or interior of your home. This process eliminates the need for chemical preservatives or paint, thus decreasing environmental pollutants.

The Japanese art of preserving and finishing wood using fire, “Shou-Sugi-Ban” aka “Yakisugi” is the on-going trend in architecture and design in today’s modern building facade. The charred treatment slows down the degradation of wood caused by mother natures continuous exposure to sun, wind, rain and differentiating temperatures.

The species utilized for this process is Eastern White Cedar which is a small slow-growing tree which can be found in abundance in the North Eastern part of Canada and the United States. Traditionally used in posts, utility poles, shingles and boats white cedars lightness and combined durability due to its natural resistance to decay and rot make it and ideal species for the charring process.

A recently completed project at the Montreal Executive Golf Club Pavilion designed by Architecture49 utilized the Cayaki charred wood product in it’s design which received the Cecobois Award of Excellence 2019. This project highlights the versatility and stunning natural beauty of Cayaki.

Thanks for reading and if you would like a sample box of the Cayaki please visit our contact page on the website and send us an email with your name and address.

Montreal Executive Golf Club Pavilion
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