New sustainable design options utilizing charred wood siding.

Professional specifiers have many design options when it comes to wood siding products today. With the improvement of technology and how wood products are developed and processed natural wood products are better in terms of their durability and sustainability then ever before. Charred wood siding is gaining more attention with architects and design consultants and for good reason.

Modern architecture is starting to embrace the idea that wood can achieve high levels of performance while offering sustainable benefits that homeowners are now demanding in their building design. If someone told you they had found a UV, weather, rot and insect resistant wood siding option that offered a high ecologically responsible natural resource it would most likely catch your attention.

Charring wood has a history to it and no better example of this is Japan’s Horyuji Temple which was rebuilt in A.D. 711 using the Japanese technique of burning wood. For the last 1300 years, the charred exterior of this iconic Japanese landmark has retained its initial beauty which speaks directly to the durability of charred wood. History can repeat itself and today we can start to see how this art of charring has transcended into modern exterior and interior designs across North America.

Cayaki has pioneered the technique of charring wood. Located in Quebec, Canada the two founding partners Serge and Guillaume started with the love of wood in their hearts. Charring wood started as a hobby but quickly grew into a full fledged business. It was not enough to create a product that looked beautiful it had to be ecologically responsible. They describe it as the “Life Cycle Assessment”.

Well managed forests store an abundance of “Biogenic Carbon” which is released into the atmosphere acting like a scrub brush to help filter out pollutant air which is often formed by “Fossil Carbon” After charring, the product itself will store carbon for many years. This contributes positively to the global CO2 balance. At the end of the charred woods useful life it gets reabsorbed by natural decay helping complete the” Life Cycle Assessment”.

Cayaki offers an array of colors in their charred wood siding which provides specifiers with a host of design options for their clients homes. It blends well with other exterior hard surfaces such as stone and metal. Complemented with the right landscape setting finished projects can look exquisite while providing years of awe inspiring glances from those who appreciate its natural beauty.

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Cayaki Charred Wood Siding
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