Trusting the reliability of online information.

Trusting online information as to whether it’s reliable can sometimes seem overwhelming. Social media and other online platforms have gotten better at demanding the information posted to their platforms be close to believable at the very least. So often in the past consumers were taking a real leap of faith when purchasing products with the decision often heavily waited on the product information that was provided which had little or no references to verify its accuracy.

I work in the building material industry so often times I will research products that I deem interesting and relevant to this industry. Products in the building materials industry can often cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars so proper researching should be a key component in the purchasing process for all of us. Research should be relevant to the specific product your wanting information about and look for verification of the information provided by way of customer reviews or other site content that is consistent good or bad. If there are available samples of the material that the supplier will send either free or for a reasonable amount of money it may be better to spend a little before you spend allot.

Follow where the research takes you. Often times the more reliable results are determined after qualification of accumulated findings. Keep record of your research results by writing it down and make sure you organize them. Its not a race so take the time to carefully evaluate your sources. Your sources play a critical role in the evaluation of the information. Often times I will not only research the product but also the company that makes or distributes the product to see if I can gather useful information about them such as location, years in business, environmental accountability, etc.

Lastly pick up the phone and make a call to the company and speak with someone if this option is available. I often find that speaking with a person helps provide a comfort level and can help you make another determination on the company and the product you are looking to purchase from them. Speaking with a qualified person by phone will normally give further insight on the product you otherwise would not get online.

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Thermally Modified European Pine

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